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The People's Voice 


For the Month of June I'll be donating all profits from the sale of my album 'Poets Notes & Hidden Tones' to The People's Voice - a new initiative which will broadcast as an internet TV & Radio station covering topics the mainstream media won't touch.  Topics such as peoples revolution movements, health breakthroughs, suppressed technology, a variety of artistic expression that corporate media won't support and more.  A fantastic array of Journalists, Presenters and celebrities have already signed on and I'd like you all to be a part of this to, as this is YOUR platform too! 
Head over to the STORE and NAME YOUR PRICE!!!  
When you download my album, YOU choose how much you would like to contribute :)  
Any amount is welcome and it all goes directly to The People's Voice - every little bit helps.  

For more info on The People's Voice - check them out here:

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HAPPY 2013!!! 

 So, we've arrived safe and sound into a new year and I just wanted to take a minute to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Grass Taylor over the past 12 months.  The last year has been jam packed with 2 headline tours, a National Festival tour, loads of support shows, my debut record 'Potes Notes & Hidden Tones' which came out last month along with my tell all DVD 'This Art - The Grass Taylor Story', and most importantly, this year I followed my path as a songwriter and started writing from the heart.  We live in a amazing world filled with absolute beauty and love, however some out there are pushing their horrors on us and it's time we stopped participating & fueling these fires for these sick people.  Human Beings, Animals & Nature are what's really impotant, not Corporations, Money & Governments, and every day we make choices that impact on the earth in both positive and negative ways.  We are all peaceful at heart, so with the planet moving into it's next solar phase after 2012, now is the time to be fearless, to love each other, and to do what is right.  Let's make the right choices moving forward for all living beings we share this planet with.
Grass (aka earth) Talyor (aka Tailor - mender/healer) is why I started this project, to help spread awareness and open peoples minds to other ideas.  
ART is truly magic, so thank you for sharing in my art this past year and I can't wait to see what 2013 brings us.
Much Love, 
GT xoxo

Album, DVD & Tour Release 

Very excited to be anouncing the release of my debut album 'Poets Notes & Hidden Tones' which will be released this Summer - 21st December 2012.

It has been a long time coming this record. Lot's of social commentary, personal angst, some really cool overtones and some hidden little treats for you all.

As part of the album release I have included a 30 minute documentary called 'This Art - The Grass Taylor Story', which delves into the new record, my previous bands, my fathers music career in the 60's, and includes special commentary from long time band mate & past co-writer Dan 'Cisco Rose' Baeffel.

To celebrate the release I will be touring this Summer as part of the 'ScorcherFest' Festival tour, hitting up Brisbane & Perth for the first time whilst heading back to play for the amazing people in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide again.

Check out the DVD trailer for 'This Art - The Grass Taylor Story' then head over the GT Store to pick up a Ticket, Album & DVD bundle package for only $25.

Hope to catch up with you on tour this Summer... xoxo GT


This August, Grass Taylor is hitting the major cities and suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide to launch his new single 'Broken Vaults'.

All concert goers receive a free single download and also go into the running to win a private Grass Taylor acoustic show at your house!

Welcome to the GT website! 

Welcome to the online home of Melbourne singer/songwriter 'Grass Taylor'. 

'In a previous life I was a punk rock guitarist, playing with recording & touring outfits such as The Hot Lies, The Scissor File and Brock Downey, and now .... well you'll see'

The distorted guitars may have come down a little, but the punk rock ethos is alive and well in this little project.

While your here check out some tunes & say g'day via my social pages... or better yet, get exclusive GT news & content by signing up to the mailing list.

See you on the road in 2012...

Grass Taylor


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